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Art Club

Mrs. Hayner, our visual arts teacher, sponsors two art clubs each school year, one in the fall, and the second in the spring. Both are open to interested fourth and fifth grade students who would like to further explore their creativity and expand their knowledge of various art techniques and styles.  Since space in the art room is limited, only a limited number of students may join each club.  Permission slips will go home before the first club meeting in the fall and spring to prospective club members.

The requirements for art club are as follows: students must display exemplary behavior in all classes and on the bus, students must complete all assignments, students must receive a recommendation from their homeroom teacher, and they must have transportation home, as art club meets after school hours. Thank you for supporting your child’s creative endeavors.

Battle of the Books

Head Coach:  Alison Perry, Media Coordinator

Co-Coach:  Catherine Thompkins, 5th grade teacher

Elementary Battle of the Books is a county wide reading competition for students in grades 4 and 5.  Approximately fifteen books are selected each year to be featured in the competition.  Each team may have 12 team members.  Throughout the year team members read and become experts on the fifteen selected books.  Our team meets after school at least once per week to read, prepare, and practice for competition.  Candidates for the team need to be avid readers who are willing to make a commitment to read the selected books, multiple times.  During the competition, questions are posed to a team of 4-6 members and conferring occurs before the answer is given.  This is truly a team effort.  Approximately 40 teams compete in 5 days of preliminary rounds.  The top 2 finishers each day compete in the county finals.  BOB permission forms are available in the Media Center.  The first meeting will be in September, after school.  Your child must have prompt and reliable transportation home at the end of each practice time.

Chorus and Drama
Do you love to sing?  Dance?  Act?  Then Chorus & Drama is the club for you!  Chorus and Drama has performances for the Winter and Spring PTA meetings.  We also travel to nursing homes to bring music to the residents.  See Mrs. Good for more information.
All County Chorus
This is a choral club by audition only.  10 slots for the best singers at Honeycutt!  Auditions are in December.  The Concert this year is February 2020.  See Mrs. Good for more information.
Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad is nationwide competition. Students compete in 19 events that include earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase a student’s interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events. Students compete in Science Olympiad with the top teams advancing from County to Regional to State to National levels.
 Students will be placed on teams and coaches  according  to Grade level, Past participation, and availability. Coaches will arrange meeting days and times. Those meeting days will be given to you once the team has been formed. We are still looking for eight parent volunteers to coach events.



Published by Alison Perry on June 10, 2019